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Who We Are

ProCourse is a retirement plan advisory firm.  We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We are 100% employee owned by Doug Prince, Deana Harmon and Brea Dantin. Our team members have been providing retirement plan investment advisory and consulting services since 1998.

Our team of experienced advisors have a passion for supporting institutional clients and helping them manage their company’s retirement plans. We only accept plan sponsor business, so your employees are not viewed as a lead into selling other products or services.

Why ProCourse?

  • Independence: You receive unbiased advice with you and your participants best interest in mind. Helping you with your retirement plan is our only goal.
  • Specialists: The support you receive is from a team of retirement plan industry experts. We focus all of our resources on providing fiduciary services specifically to plan sponsors.
  • Simplicity: Your Committee can more easily fulfill your responsibilities as a plan sponsor and fiduciary as we strive to eliminate the complexities of managing retirement plans.
  • Results Focused: Your team of advisors and support staff learn what is most important to your organization and your employees so that your retirement plan can achieve better outcomes. Our mission is to help your employees retire with financial success.
  • Defined Process: You have the comfort in knowing that you are taking the right steps toward fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities through following our organized process.