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Service Provider Searches

When it comes to selecting a vendor for your retirement plan, the number of different providers and list of services they each do or do not provide can seem overwhelming. We can help you from start to finish in the search, evaluation, negotiation and conversion process. Then we provide you with documentation of the entire search process for your records.

Serving as your advocate, we help you find the best vendor for your needs and take advantage of all of the services offered to ease plan administration and give your participants a positive experience. Our experience and ongoing interactions with over thirty vendors helps us to identify problems and negotiate resolutions.

Service Provider Search & Advocacy Services:

  • Plan Auditor Search
  • Erisa Attorney Search
  • Distribution of Requests for Proposal
  • Proposal Analysis and Fee Negotiation
  • Service Provider Scoring Systems
  • Interviews, Reference Checks, and Site Visits
  • Documentation and Prudent Search Process