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How Well Do You Know Your Advisor?



Have you heard of a little trend called podcasts? I have to admit, I had heard of it but never spent much time listening to them or searching for “the one” that would hold my attention. I have also read articles that say don’t start a podcast. This was confusing to me as I have also heard that so many professionals love podcasts and if you are trying to connect with them a podcast might be the way to go.


Well, I got my first invitation to participate in a podcast. Indy GeekCast is a local podcast hosted by Matt Ray and sponsored by eimagine, one of our technology partners. My initial reaction was “Are you kidding? I am just a normal person with a boring job (according to my husband)”. Matt pumped me up and said that’s not true, everyone has a story and he wanted to put my story on the internet. After I committed, I got excited. The podcast wasn’t going to be scripted, he and I are both funny, at least in our own minds, and the concept brought a creative energy that I didn’t know I had.


So how does this podcast help clients or potential clients in the world? As I was listening to my podcast,  I thought it might help my clients see inside my crazy world. They might actually look at their retirement plan advisor and think, man she is more than meets the eye. Granted, a podcast isn’t the only way to accomplish this task. There are some really great old school options as well. How about going to grab a coffee or a bite to eat with your client or advisor? Some of you may already be doing this and building great relationships that will span a service agreement or company. For those of you who haven’t gotten out from behind the desk in a while I would highly suggest you reach out and connect with people. Email and phone only take a relationship so far and as humans, we like to connect.


I hope you will take a few minutes to search for a podcast that speaks to you. Ask your friends and colleagues if they are listening and if so what are they listening to. Then if you have a few minutes you can pop over to Indy GeekCast to learn more about my background and passion for what I do. I love Advising on Retirement Plans and the reason why is no secret if you listen closely.



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