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Participant Education

Participant Webinars:


March 27, 2013

Discover how to determine the amount you and your family need to save in order to retire comfortably. This webinar also highlights online tools and websites that can be useful in helping you start to save effectively.


Money Matters Financial Wellness Series:


Mortgage FAQs

What are closing costs and who pays them? Why do you need pre-approval? Learn answers to the questions you have about mortgages before you buy your home.

Knowing Your Credit

Learn what a credit report is and where to get it. Listen as Doug and Chris identify some important items to be aware of regarding your credit score.

Personal Budgeting Tips

Discover valuable spending and saving tips that will make sticking to a budget easier than you may think.

Your Future and What It’s Worth 

This brief savings presentation will help you think about your future and suggest how to create better saving and spending habits in order to reach your financial goals.